Give you more information about the service

Connect and answer any questions

Help you pre-register kids if you have any


So hit the button below now to plan your experience!


All of the events below are great entry level opportunity for you to connect.  If you would like more information, then email us

by clicking here or texting 757-225-8125.  We can't wait to meet you and to help you connect relationally.

Coffee with the Pastor

Schedule a Time.

Pastor Dean would love to meet you and treat you to coffee sometime.  

Digital Dessert with Pastor Dean

Tuesdays at 7p

If you are a recent guest, then you are invited to a ‘digital dessert’ with Pastor Dean. This is a fun time to get to know each other better an ask questions through a private zoom meet and greet. 

House Party & Dinner

January 7, April 22, June 10, October 21

If you are new and/or recently started attending, then join us for our next ‘House Party’. It's a casual, fun, and laid-back dinner party at Pastor Dean & Charlene’s house.

Next Class

January 15, April 30, June 18, October 29

During our 'Next' class, you will learn how to grow deeper spiritually, learn your unique God-given spiritual gifts, learn various ways to serve, and learn about church membership. 

Wednesday Night Youth

Every Wednesdy at Velocity@6:30p

We want students live an uncommon life. We believe this happens when students follow Jesus, do life together, get in the game and leave a legacy. If you have a middle school and or high school student, then join Pastor Jessica for Wednesday Night Youth, which is hosted by Lifehouse Church at Velocity.

The Journey Discipleship Course

Online Anytime

The Journey are short online devotionals and videos that are meant to help you learn more about what it means to be a follower of Jesus. 


We know that following Jesus is a journey! There are things that you can do to help you along this adventure, and we want to help! So whether you just started following Jesus or you want to start taking some real steps in your faith, our hope is that The Journey will encourage and strengthen your walk with God.