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making room for a larger family

In March of 2019 Covid changed all of our lives.  However, over the last year God has spiritual, numerical, and financial blessed our church family.

God has shown up in every way, and we are excited to share how He has once again given us an opportunity to reach and build in our region. 


God has opened an incredible door of opportunity that will allow us to acquire a lease for a new venue in York County. This property is located on Route 17.  Over 28,000 cars travel in front of this venue on a daily basis. This facility has over 7,000 square with additional space to grow in the future.  We are officially under contract and have entered into a lease agreement with the option to purchase this facility. This lease agreement will allow the owners to invest $200,000 over the next 90 days to repair (roofing, hvac, electrical, plumbing, and mold issues).  We will need to invest in renovating the building and relaunch (reintroduce Velocity) to our community over the summer. 

Thank you in advance for partnering with us and investing in the kingdom.  Your prayers and contribution will make room for a larger family.

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During Phase One, we will need to do several things to renovate the facility. The good news is that it is already a church. Still, we will need to do several things to get it ready to occupy including:

  • Updating Flooring

  • Remodeling Bathrooms

  • Improving Exterior

  • Updating Children's Areas

  • Remodel Commons Space

  • Update Auditorium Equipment & Chairs

The total cost of phase one renovations will be approximately $20,400.00. We will start renovating from April-June, with a move-in date of early July.

Gifts-In-Kind / Appreciable Assets
Stocks, bonds, real estate, and other assets provide ample giving opportunities coupled with considerable tax savings. Jody Frye, our church treasure, will help you donate appreciable assets, give stocks in certificate form, and make broker-to-broker transfers to optimize charitable contribution benefits and capital gains savings.

Automatic Contributions
By signing up for online giving, you can ensure your gift is automatically transferred on the day(s) of your choosing. This is an easy way to make your giving hassle-free and consistent.

Cash Flow Gifts
You can give significantly by contributing smaller amounts at higher frequencies. Weekly, bi-monthly, or monthly giving allows substantial gifts to be reached in smaller steps.

Diverted-Funds Gift
Some lifestyle adjustments can help allow you to increase your giving. Diverting funds from your budget for entertainment, subscriptions, etc., can help free up funds to have a significant impact on your giving.

Delayed Non-Essential Purchases
Forgoing some big purchases, such as automobiles, vacations, clothing, trips, etc., can create substantial giving opportunities for a few years.

Raises, Bonuses, Extra Work IncomeDedicating raises or bonuses is a creative method for increased giving. Taking a second or part-time job, utilizing your marketable hobbies or skills, or working overtime can create extra revenue you can funnel into God’s kingdom.

Income-Producing Assets
Any interest income, payments from rental properties, or monies from other income-producing assets can provide a source for increased giving.

Special Sales
Consider selling unused items, hosting a garage sale, or holding an online auction. The sale of major assets, such as a house, car, land, or a business, can provide previously untapped revenue.


Tax Refunds & Savings
Added giving to Vintage Church can create tax savings. By giving these tax refunds and savings back to God, you can increase your total giving.


Freedom From Debt
As you look ahead to the next couple of years, you may discover some current loans or debt obligations that will be fulfilled. By investing the money you would have been paying on a car or credit card balance once it’s paid off, you can free up additional funds to give.

Charitable Giving Resources
Reviewing your charitable gifts in light of the kingdom of God affords a resource for significant giving. For example, you might usually give to other causes and non-profits. Consider diverting those gifts to the You Matter Campaign, and resume these contributions afterward.

Corporate Gifts
You might be able to make a significant donation by using the products or services of your business as a resource.

How Can I Give Towards Renovations?

We need to raise $20,400 to complete the renovations necessary to move-in. We are asking everyone to give a one-time gift as a part of a miracle offering to meet this need. Please return your miracle offering on or before June 13, 2021.

All donations, whether cash or in-kind, are 100% tax-deductible. You can give in person, online, text, or on our mobile app by selecting the 'Building Fund'.

When will we move-in to the new building?
We entered into a lease-purchase agreement on April 6, 2021, and plan to begin renovations from April-June. This schedule puts us moving in sometime in early July; however, our move-in date will progress at the pace of our generosity. The estimated renovations needed to move-in will cost approximately $20,400 to complete.

Why are we purchasing and renovating this facility?
It’s about people. Since Velocity Church began, our focus has been helping people come to Christ and grow in their faith. As a result of this, we need to add space. The local church isn’t a building, but it is a family. And every family needs a home, a place, and a space that creates an atmosphere for connection and spiritual growth. We need to provide more space for our growing spiritual family.